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"I’ve had a chronic neck/back issue for the past two years. I had undergone physical therapy before and it did not seem to help much. When my doctor sent me to ProCare physical therapy, I imagined it would be not different. This could not be further from the truth. The approach at ProCare was very different and included a variety of therapies including a full evaluation, stretching, strengthening exercises, and massage. I began to feel improvements with my condition after a few sessions and continue to make progress. But above and beyond the care I receive, the personnel make you feel like you are apart of a family. Everyone is extremely friendly and make you feel extremely welcomed. I would highly recommend ProCare physical therapy to anyone who has not had success other places. It may be the answer your looking for."
May 20, 2019
"ProCare was fantastic, attentive to my back issues, courteous and respectful. I highly recommend them for treatment."
May 01, 2019

Wonderful people & it helped so much- especially soon after surgery

– Kirsten L.

Outstanding staff! Very satisfied with my care

– Sheila B.

This is the second time I used Procare. I requested them because of my first time results

– Mark B.

Overall a great place to come for recovery from surgery

– Rebecca E.

The staff were excellent & courteous. They were flexible in my scheduling of therapy

– David S.

I would absolutely recommend Procare to everyone. I got my mom to change to here. She is also impressed

– Bobbie F.

I was very impressed with the quality of treatment and care here. The therapy was perfect for me. I am doing much faster recovery than I expected largely due to the exercises & treatment from here

– Donna T.

I’ve had 6 surgeries with physical therapy, this staff was by far the best! Thank you!

– Forrest C

First class operation

– Mike R.

This place is awesome

– Joe S.

Thanks for everything! You guys are awesome!

– Rebecca B.

Staff was very professional and I appreciated everything that I learned, they are rated at 10+

– Ronnie H.

I definitely received and gained better physical benefits than I came with. I will continue to do the exercises I learned here at home. The staff was wonderful and very helpful to me

– Fred V.

I am extremely pleased

– Donny W.

Great facility, great staff

– David B.

If I need physical therapy in the future, I will request this facility

– Debbie V.

The staff was courteous, professional & compassionate, Ed was outstanding!

– Noi L.

You guys are awesome!

– Stephanie B.

In one word “Great”!

– William H.

Procare Physical Therapy is the best in the Redlands area, thank you for your service!

– Charmaine G.

I am very satisfied with my total experience of therapy. The therapy was very effective, professional, encouraging and professionally friendly. I will and have recommended ProCare!

– Elaine P.

Procare staff is friendly and professional. I always recommend them to others. Thank you staff!

– Aimee M.

I am very grateful to the staff, I would not have progressed to walking without their help!

– Patricia B.